Feed Program

  • Twice daily feeding of:
       All alfalfa hay OR
       All orchard grass hay OR
       Combination of alfalfa & orchard grass
  • Portion sizes geared to EACH individual horse.
  • We are happy to add any special supplements to the above, as supplied by owners. There is no charge for this service.

Outdoor paddocks with shelters
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Health and Safety

  • Salt blocks furnished.
  • Since horses should eat in a natural, head-down position, all our mangers are built with this in mind. Mats are installed underneath the mangers so that horses are not eating off the dirt.
  • Outdoor water troughs are cleaned often and automatic stall waterers are checked daily.
  • Fencing here is either "no-climb" horse fencing or 4 rail board fencing. All fencing is "hot-wired" for additional safety.
  • Our fences and facilities are kept in excellent repair.
  • The barn access driveway is gated; all boarders have 24-hour access to the facilities. Our newly installed automatic gate opener is appreciated by one and all.
  • The shavings used are a mix of small and medium grade which reduces dust but retains absorbency.
  • All horses boarded are required to receive yearly inoculations and rabies shots.
  • Super sturdy hitch posts with mats are used throughout the ranch.
  • Rubber mats cover work area floors.

Wash rack with hot/cold water and Tack Room
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  • Owners may use any vet or farrier they wish.
  • Owners may invite their own trainer to give them lessons here. Trainer must have insurance.
  • Our soil is natural sand, therefore both the arena and the paddocks have excellent winter drainage and mud is never a problem here.
  • The arena, although not covered, is usable year-round. Lights are installed for evening riding.
  • In the summer, we water down the arena daily.
  • Additionally, we have added private lockers next to the new stalls.
  • We do not generally have facilities for stallions.
  • Our day rate (please call for space availability) is $25 to $30.

Riders working in our arena
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The arena in the morning
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